Within two months, we had started taking the steps to leave San Diego and move here

In January of 2003, my wife, daughter, and I came to Tucson from San Diego to visit my brother. We instantly noticed the slower pace, and the more laid back and friendly people. While we were here, we came down to the town of Sahuarita, which is about five miles south of Tucson. We instantly fell in love with this place. Within two months, we had started taking the steps to leave San Diego and move here.

I moved to San Diego from Scotland when I was 13, and had a pretty rough transition. After living in San Diego for twenty years, I was quite tired of the congestion and other aspects of big city life. I also didn’t want my daughter to have to go to school there, as most of the schools are full of gangs and drugs, et al. When we saw Sahuarita, the deal was done. We moved here in June of 2003 and never looked back. While the heat was a little hard to get used to, it doesn’t bother us now.

Sahuarita is a quiet little town, and everyone here is friendly. It’s the type of place where you don’t have to lock your car doors, and can leave your windows open at night without worrying. At the center of the town is Sahuarita Lake Park, which has walking trails, and a huge recreation center. It is an ideal place to bring up children.

The school system here is phenomenal, also. It has K through twelve all in the same location, and has some of the best teachers in the state. The teachers here really care about the kids. This is very important to me, as I want my daughter to grow up, and be educated in a safe, wholesome community where people care about one another.

Since moving to Arizona, I have gone back to school to get a degree. I have been attending Pima Community College for the past two years, and will be graduating with an Associate in Business in August after the summer session is complete. I have made some good friends at this college, and developed good relationships with some of my teachers. It is a very rewarding experience. I am getting straight A’s, and have a cumulative 3.94 GPA.

I started at Pima with the intentions of becoming a machinist, and indeed got a certificate in manual machining, and mechanical inspection. However, during the process of getting my certificate, I realized that I no longer wanted to work in the manufacturing industry. I had been a maintenance mechanic at an electronics factory in San Diego for the last eight years. After much debate about what to major in, I decided to major in Public Management and Policy, and get a minor in Political Science. My reason for picking this major, in particular, is because I love the town of Sahuarita, and I would like to get a job with the city government. That way I can give back to this community, which is giving so much to my family, and I. Sahuarita is growing, and I would like to grow with it, and hopefully have some positive influence in the city’s decision-making about its future.

I have been accepted to the University of Arizona in the Public Management and Policy program and will start there as a junior this fall. This is a very exciting time in my life. I had associated degree in general education before, but never would have had the opportunity to go back to school full time in San Diego. Moving to Arizona has granted me that opportunity.

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